Products and Services

IGRAC's transboundary aquifers map

IGRAC facilitates and promotes international sharing of data and information on groundwater worldwide. For that purpose IGRAC has developed a Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS), a global map-based portal to groundwater data and information. Next to GGIS, the map of Transboundary Aquifers of the World is the most distinctive IGRAC product

IGRAC's groundwater monitoring app

Groundwater assessment, monitoring and data & information management are the main IGRAC services. These services also include capacity building trainings, often accompanied with manuals or guidelines. Over the years, IGRAC has produced a large number of reports, maps, papers, etc. (see in downloads), dedicated to variety of groundwater topics (including groundwater governance, managing aquifer recharge, groundwater quality, etc.).  

IGRAC products and services are used primarily in regional projects to facilitate knowledge sharing and strengthen cooperation among the countries. As an independent, United Nations affiliated centre, IGRAC assistance is in particular instrumental in assessment, monitoring and management of internationally shared aquifers

IGRAC works globally and collects relevant groundwater experiences and novelties to be included in IGRAC products and services. For example, a MAR Portal enables sharing experience on about 1200  applications of managing aquifer recharge world-wide. The ultimate IGRAC goal is encouraging a replication of successful techniques and methodologies, with adjustment to local conditions, if required.  Some approaches and tools are applicable universally, such as Serious Groundwater Game, based on prisoner's dilemma. 

IGRAC as an independent, UN-affiliated centre

Groundwater problems need to be address locally but they have global implications. IGRAC works across the scales and disciplines in order to improve integration of groundwater in river basin management and better embedding of groundwater in broader socio-economic and environmental issues (e.g. food security, climate change, etc). This holistic approach is one of the pillars of IGRAC’s services which also include awareness raising, advocacy and strategic partnerships