IWA Specialist Groundwater Conference 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia

Event Date

From 9 to 11 June, the IWA Specialist Groundwater Conference 2016 will be held at the SAVA Centar in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference is organised by the WSDAC Center and Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources with support of UNESCO-IHP, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, IAH, the Serbian Water Pollution Control Society, and IAWD. 

IGRAC will contribute to this conference with papers, presentations and a dedicated lecture.

Conference Topics

The following five main conference topics should virtually cover all of the scientific and technical knowledge in the field. The Conference is also expected to address very important issues and solutions relating to groundwater management.

  1. Groundwater management within scope of social and climate changes
  2. Alluvial aquifer processes and management
  3. Karstic aquifer management
  4. Innovative technologies for groundwater use and protection
  5. Case studies (challenges and practical solutions)

For more information please visit the conference website.