Stockholm World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
Event Date

From 26 to 31 August 2018, the World Water Week 2018 will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. This World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues, organised by SIWI. In 2018, World Water Week will address the theme “Water, ecosystems and human development”. 

IGRAC at World Water Week 2018

On Tuesday 28 August, IGRAC will coorganize the session: 'Groundwater-based natural infrastructure (GBNI) solutions: The missing link to resilience?'. This session will be held from 11:00 till 12:30 hrs in room NL Pillar Hall. One of the main GBNI solutions discussed in the session will be Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and IGRAC will, therefore, present its MAR Portal

This MAR Portal was developed in cooperation with the INOWAS group of TU Dresden and the session will be organized with IWMIRobert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska, CAWR and IGES