May 2024

Putting a spotlight on groundwater during the 10th World Water Forum

Once every three years the water world gathers at the World Water Forum for political, scientific and technical discussions on the world’s most pressing water challenges. Last week, Indonesia hosted the 10th edition and IGRAC was there to advocate for more sustainable and equitable groundwater management, as well as the crucial role that (open) data and information play in the decision-making that should lead to this. The IGRAC contributions covered a broad range of topics, from disaster risks to groundwater governance, from freshwater ecosystems to hydro-diplomacy, and from data for decision-making to storytelling in water.

From our Groundwater Correspondents: Debut Issue ‘Scratching the Surface Magazine’ now available for download

With the first year of the Groundwater Correspondents Network almost coming to an end, IGRAC proudly present the first edition of its yearly magazine: Scratching the Surface. This inaugural issue contains 11 articles from three different continents, covering an array of groundwater-related topics. From a feature article about a community of descendents of escaped slaves in Brazil to a profile story on a teacher turned well driller in Uganda. From an opinion piece about youth engagement to a survey driven article from Argentina to an ode to the Foggaras in Algeria. And from a news article on the role of groundwater projects in reducing sexual violence in DRC to personal reflections by a hydrogeologist. Enjoy the journey!

Collaborating with Le Monde to map the status of groundwater in France

Over the past months, IGRAC has assisted Le Monde in its investigative journalism on groundwater contamination in the European Union. After last year’s ‘Forever Pollution’ project, a cross-field investigation by 16 European newsrooms on PFAS across Europe, Le Monde decided to keep the spotlight firmly pointed at groundwater contamination by joining the ‘Under the Surface’ project. Today, it published some of its outcomes in a news article, as well as an interactive map, with the contribution of IGRAC.

Groundwater Correspondents Network open for applications (deadline expired)

In July, it will be already one year since the Groundwater Correspondents Network was established. A group of 16, predominantly young professionals, from 16 different countries embarked on this new journey to bring local groundwater stories to a global audience. It already yielded a story about fluoride from Kenya and Argentina, and there are already 7(!) other fascinating stories in the pipeline to be published in the forthcoming weeks. Do you want to be part of the next wave of correspondents? Apply by the 1st of June and maybe you'll become our next correspondent!

GWS-SENCE workshop in Kenya for deeper understanding of coastal groundwater

On 15-19 April, the GWS-SENCE project team convened in Kenya for the annual workshop. Representatives from all three case study areas, Nigeria, Egypt and also host country Kenya, were present for this 5-day programme in which also IGRAC Director Elisabeth Lictevout participated. This workshop, held in Nairobi and Lamu Island. helped to gain deeper understanding of the challenges related to groundwater in coastal areas in 3 different contexts.