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Josh's Water Jobs

Josh’s Water Jobs started in 2011 as an informal listserv of a few dozen friends and colleagues receiving a job posting every month.  As the list grew in size, not only in the number of recipients but also the number of jobs, it became increasingly clear that the list was filling a gap where a website concentrating on international water jobs should have been.  The more people got jobs, the more the initiative to create that website gained momentum, culminating in Josh’s Water Jobs being launched in June of 2016.

IGRAC and Josh's Water Jobs

Being UNESCO's international groundwater centre, IGRAC serves a big groundwater community. Since we also strive to be the main hub for groundwater information, we were also interested in sharing any interesting groundwater-related vacancies with this community. That is why IGRAC joined forces with Josh's Water Jobs, which already is a hub for water professionals looking for a new challenge. This resulted in an constantly updated overview of groundwater vacancies on this page.