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January 2020

January 2020

Meet our new researcher: Raquel Sousa

At the start of 2020, Raquel Sousa joined the IGRAC team as a groundwater specialist. After having worked on a capacity building project in Guinea-Bisseau for two years, Raquel decided to react on the vacancy at IGRAC: "I look forward to learn more globally and play an active role in facilitating international groundwater management, keeping in mind that access to water, and specifically groundwater, is an ever-increasing need", Raquel says.

IGRAC highlights 2019

Capacity building was the main IGRAC project activity during the reporting year, also due to a large project on groundwater data collection and management, conducted for the fifteen SADC countries. Globally, groundwater quality assessment received more attention with IGRAC acting as a focal point. Regional,  transboundary groundwater assessment has remained one of the key thematic areas, with a long-term RAMOTSWA project successfully completed. 2019 was also a year of successful building a case for invisible groundwater, also by securing 2022 to be UN year of groundwater.