Ramotswa Aquifer

The RAMOTSWA Information Management System (IMS) is a platform developed for the ‘Potential Role of the Transboundary Ramotswa Aquifer’ (RAMOTSWA) project, focussing on one of the most important shared aquifers in the Limpopo Basin: The Ramotswa Aquifer, shared between Botswana and South Africa.

For more information on the RAMOTSWA project please visit the project page. More information on other transboundary aquifer activities can be found on the Transboundary Groundwater focal area page.

This RAMOTSWA map viewer contains the results from the RAMOTSWA project. The viewer contains thematic maps on groundwater and related themes. The viewer is designed to provide information to a wide group of stakeholders, like groundwater users and those engaged in the management of the groundwater resources in the Ramotswa Transboundary Aquifer. This ‘public’ viewer contains all data which has been made publically available. There is also a ‘password protected’ viewer containing additional information and from which data can be downloaded as GIS shape files. Access to the password protected viewer is restricted (for more information contact the Botswana Department of Water Affairs and the South African Department of Water and Sanitation via IGRAC at info@un-igrac.org, specifying that you would like access to the Ramotswa viewer).