Making the invisible visible during the World Water Week in Stockholm


From 23 August to 1 September, the water world will come together in Stockholm for the World Water Week 2022. This hydrid conference, organized by SIWI, will follow the main theme ‘seeing the unseen: the value of water’, which is in line with this year’s world water day theme ‘making the invisible visible’. This year, IGRAC will be involved in several sessions, focused on groundwater. Below an overview of all these sessions.

SIWI Seminar: Water as a driver for peace and cooperation(1/3)

Online | Wednesday 24 August 17:00-18:20

This session will explore these aspects on the value of water for peace as it will set the scene for the entire seminar. Contributions from practitioners will focus on the role that water plays in sustainable development and building resilient societies. Following an interactive introduction, three keynote speakers will reflect on questions: How are we doing on the call for action? Taking stock of accelerators relevant for water cooperation. How does water work as a driver for peace and development from the legal perspective? How can the unseen water contribute to cooperation at multiple levels across communities and across sectors?

Role of IGRAC: Co-convenor.

Groundwater: Making the invisible visible (findings of UN-WWDR2022)

Online session | Thursday 25 August 13:00-14:20

The session will focus on findings of WWDR2022, expand on huge social, economic and environmental benefits and opportunities associated with groundwater resources and the way forward for unlocking groundwater’s full potential.

Role of IGRAC: Neno Kukurić will participate in a panel discussion.

Clean Groundwater – Our Hidden Treasure

On-site session | Sunday 28 August 14:00-15:30 | Room: 307 (Folkets Hus)

Clean Groundwater – Our Hidden Treasure

A new groundwater source can be transformative, but what if this is polluted, unusable? Clean-up is slow and expensive. Pollution prevention is best for ensuring safe groundwater supplies. Solving these issues requires investment, policies, capacity and education. The session aims to create greater awareness of the societal value of protecting groundwater quality. 

Role of IGRAC: Co-convenor.  

Accelerating Change: World Water Day and World Toilet Day 2023

On-site session | Sunday 28 August 16:00-17:30 | Room: 201 (Folkets Hus)

Accelerating Change: WWD/WTD 2023

The session will kick-off in interactive workshop style the preparations for the World Water Day and World Toilet Day 2023 campaigns. The UN-Water Task Force is coordinated by UNESCO, AquaFed and the World Youth Parliament for Water for World Water Day and by WHO and UNICEF for World Toilet Day. The Task Force consists of AMCOW, CDP, FAO, Green Climate Fund, GWP, Human Right 2 Water, IHE, IAEA, IAHR, IGRAC, ILO, OHCHR, PSI, SWA, Toilet Board Coalition, UNCCD, UNDP, UN DESA, UNEP, UN Global Compact, UN HABITAT, UNICEF, UNOOSA, and WfWP.

SIWI Seminar: Water as a driver for peace and cooperation(2/3)

On-site session | Tuesday 30 August 14:00-15:30 | Room: 451

This session provides background on transboundary aquifers (TBAs) and describes implications for water security and peace. It focuses on three topics relevant for better understanding invisible TBAs and the benefits for international water security. Each topic includes a presentation and reactions from the panel and audience.

Role of IGRAC: Neno Kukurić will do the opening of the session as well as the closing remarks. In addition, Christina Fraser will present on the outcomes of the SDG reporting, current arrangements and the TBA cooperation mapping.

SIWI Seminar: Water as a driver for peace and cooperation(3/3)

Online & On-site session | Tuesday 30 August 16:00-17:30 | Room: Music Hall

Join us for a session that includes a high-level dialogue on the interlinkages between water and conflict. Following an expert panel discussion on “Drivers of Peace for Urban Water Resilience” at the local level, the session (3/3) will conclude with a call to action on water security.

Role of IGRAC: Co-convenor.

SIWI Seminar: Valuing Groundwater (2/3)

On-site session | Wednesday 31 August 09:00-10:30 | Room: 461

‘Cutting edge’ innovations to improve the handling of often-complex aquifers and groundwater resources are required – but mean different things in different parts of the world. This session will present recent science and technology frontiers as well as explore and discuss what makes solutions innovative and practicable in context.

Role of IGRAC: Claudia Ruz Vargas will give a presentation about monitoring groundwater from space, introducing the Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product (G3P).