UNESCO and Government of the Netherlands extend support to IGRAC


During the closing session of the ISARM2021 conference in Paris, France, representatives of UNESCO-IHP and the Government of the Netherlands signed a new partnership agreement regarding IGRAC. This new agreement will become effective on the 1st of January 2022 and will last for six years. The signing of a new agreement until 2028 is a new chapter in a long-standing and successful cooperation between the Government of the Netherlands and UNESCO. 

IGRAC history

Ms. Bokova (UNESCO) during early days of IGRAC

Already in 1999, UNESCO and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) took the initiative to establish an international groundwater resources assessment centre. One year later, the Government of the Netherlands expressed interest in hosting the centre and IGRAC was launched in March 2003, during the third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan.

Signing agreement 2016-2022

In December 2016, both parties reaffirmed their commitment to IGRAC by signing a new agreement until 2022, during a signing ceremony held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. This has now officially been followed up with another 6-years agreement.