World Water Forum 10: Meet our staff in Bali


From Sunday 19 to Friday 24 May, Indonesia will host the 10th edition of the World Water Forum. This triyearly, high-level event, will take place at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre. Director Elisabeth Lictevout and Communications Officer Stefan Siepman will represent IGRAC in panels, sessions, workshops and at the UNESCO pavilion. Meet us in Indonesia!

Data for decision-making, groundwater governance and ecosystems

On Tuesday, Elisabeth will join the first panel of the session ‘Transforming and upscaling data into information for science and digital based decision’. This will commence at 14:50 at room Kintamani 6. The next day is another busy day for her, with two sessions on the agenda. Elisabeth will be the moderator of the Groundwater Governance session at 16:40, again at Kintamani 6, and immediately after she will join the panel discussion ‘Investing in Nature: How can freshwater ecosystems help fight climate change?’. The latter will be held at the World Water Council pavilion.

Storytelling in the water sector

The Thursday will have a focus on youth, because IGRAC is participating in the ‘Future is Now’ programme at the Dutch Pavilion. From 14:30 till 15:30, Stefan Siepman will give a storytelling workshop. Young water enthusiasts who would like to know how to better apply storytelling techniques in their work can still register here.

Groundwater diplomacy

The final day of the conference start early for IGRAC. At 8:30, Elisabeth Lictevout will provide to opening words for a session on groundwater hydro-diplomacy in Africa. This session, which will take place in room Nusantara 1, intends to share experiences around this topic.

Want to collaborate with IGRAC?

In addition to a knowledge sharing event, a conference like this is also an excellent networking opportunity. Are you attending the World Water Forum and would you like to meet one of our staff members in-person? Please send an email to or pass by the UNESCO pavilion.