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Digging for Water by DFID-UK



Project Information
2015 - 2018

Funded under the UK government’s new UPGro programme, GroFutures is a 4-year research project that will develop the scientific evidence base, tools and participatory processes by which groundwater resources can be used sustainably for poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

A central feature of GroFutures is the establishment of a Network of African Groundwater Observatories (NAGO) to promote collection, assimilation and use of groundwater data. The NAGO comprises 3 Basin Observatories: one in Ethiopia (Upper Awash), one in Niger/Nigeria (Iullemmeden), and one in Tanzania (Great Ruaha).

Role of IGRAC

As a contribution to the GroFutures project, IGRAC is improving the Groundwater Serious Game, which will be used in the project as an awareness raising tool between stakeholders. It will help them to understand the dilemmas faced by small-scale farmers seeking effective and equitable ways to manage their groundwater resources individually and collectively to irrigate their land. In addition IGRAC is responsible for the management of groundwater data collected during the project.

Project Objectives

The overall aim of GroFutures is to develop the scientific basis and participatory management processes by which groundwater resources can be used sustainably for poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

This goal will be achieved through the realisation of four specific objectives addressed directly through Workpackages (WPs): 

  1. Substantially improve knowledge of the renewability and sustainably exploitable groundwater resources in SSA (WP1); 
  2. Construct a set of plausible, stakeholder-informed groundwater development pathways (WP2); 
  3. Quantify the impacts of development pathways, climate change and land-use change on groundwater recharge, storage and demand (WP3); and 
  4. Develop, test and apply an inclusive, transparent and scientifically-informed Pathways Approach to inform groundwater development and management decision-making for greater poverty alleviation (WP4). 
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