Global Terrestrial Network - Hydrology
Project Information
2001 - present

GTN-H is one of the networks of the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), established in 2001 to establish a global network of hydrological networks, and to develop and execute projects that facilitate access to such networks and data. 

GTN-H aims at making data from global hydrological observation networks accessible, and thus strengthens the generation of datasets that can be used in research, environmental monitoring, and water resources management. Data and information supplied by GTN-H global data centres and networks are essential sources of information for United Nations related programmes and projects, both at regional and national scale, in support of development and science.

Project objectives

  • Establish a global hydrological network of networks;
  • Plan and implement projects aiming at facilitating access to hydrological networks and observation data;
  • Generate products derived from the aforementioned data and networks; and
  • Be a key component of integrated global and regional hydrological products.

IGRAC contributes to this network via the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN), providing insights into the availability of in situ groundwater monitoring observations across space and time. GGMN is one of the eleven (11) data centers and networks that are part of GTN-H.