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Kirstin I. Conti

Kirstin I. Conti

PhD Research Fellow
Kirstin I. Conti, PhD Research Fellow at IGRAC
Contact Details
Work Dates: 
2012 - 2017

Kirstin I. Conti was part of the IGRAC team from 2012 to 2017 as PhD Research Fellow and has been involved in various international projects since then. "I truly enjoyed that international atmosphere of IGRAC and the level of expertise both in-house and in the extensive professional network. I knew that in doing my PhD here, I would not only be able to contribute to IGRAC's mission of making groundwater information and knowledge available to the world, but also learn so much in the process.” In July 2017, Kirstin successfully defended her PhD thesis 'Norms in Multilevel Groundwater Governance & Sustainable Development' and obtained her Doctoral degree from the University of Amsterdam (UVA). After graduation, Kirstin has joined the World Bank in Washington DC. 

Main Responsibilities 

Kirstin conducted full-time research on groundwater governance with a focus on rules and norms for sustainable development. Moreover, she was also involved in IGRAC's work with the UNECE and GEF IW:LEARN Initiative. Additionally, Kirstin provided content support on issues related to groundwater law, groundwater governance, and sustainable development.

Background and Areas of Expertise 

Kirstin has an interdisciplinary background in groundwater governance, law, water conflict management, and water sciences. "My bachelors was in interdisciplinary environmental science (BS in Earth Science, Stanford University 2007) and my masters in water law, governance and conflict resolution (LLM in Water Governance and Conflict Resolution, University of Dundee 2013)", she says.

Work Experience 

Throughout her bachelors Kirstin had a number of working and internship experiences related to environmental policy in the State of California and at the US Federal level. "Directly after my bachelors, I completed a one-year public policy leadership intensive program called the Coro Fellowship where I completed six consultancy-style projects for public, private, and non-for-profit entities in California", Kirstin explains. "Subsequently, I was an environmental consultant for three years, where I focused on conducting Environmental Impact Assessments for water services projects in the state of California."