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Nienke Ansems

Nienke Ansems

Nienke Ansems, Researcher at IGRAC
Contact Details
Work Dates: 
2013 - 2017

Nienke Ansems has worked at IGRAC as a Researcher from 2013 to the end of 2017. "I am a hydrogeologist that would love to make a significant contribution to sustainable groundwater developments globally. Working at an organisation like IGRAC, with its interdisciplinary research and international atmosphere has been an inspiring experience." In 2017, Nienke left IGRAC to pursue a PhD at Wageningen University.

Main Responsibilities 

Nienke Ansems has been IGRAC's main focal point for the Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) programme and has led the development of IGRAC's Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS). Within various projects such as RAMOTSWA and GGRETA, she has worked on GIS data and analysis and assisted in the development of training courses and organisation of regional workshops. Nienke also focused on themes Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Groundwater & Ecosystems.

Background and Areas of Expertise 

Nienke holds a BSc in Geology and MSc in Hydrogeology from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She combined her study in Utrecht with exchanges abroad in Earth Sciences (University of Grenoble, France) and  research at the Ecohydrology department (University of Waterloo, Canada). She took supplementary courses from the MSc Sustainable Development (Utrecht) to obtain basic understanding of environmental governance and policies. Nienke worked as a research assistant at University of Waterloo and as a junior teacher at Utrecht University before joining IGRAC.