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Stefan Siepman

Stefan Siepman

Communication Specialist
Stefan Siepman, Communication Specialist at IGRAC
Contact Details
Office Phone 
+31 (0)15 215 2310
Work Dates: 
July 2014 - Present

Already in an early stage of his studies Stefan got involved in 'the water world'. As intern at UNESCO-IHE, he has come to realize how complex and pressing the global water challenges actually are and he decided that he wanted to somehow contribute to a solution. Since many people simply are not aware of the importance of water and how climate change and population growth can affect access to safe drinking water, Stefan quickly saw that communication could play an important role in the process of raising awareness.

Main Responsibilities 

One of Stefan's first tasks was to lead a project aimed to create more awareness about the importance of groundwater. This resulted in the #HiddenResource campaign and animated video (see below).

As Communication Specialist, he is responsible for all IGRAC's communication efforts. After developing a communication strategy, he has been working on implementation of this strategy resulting in the developement of several new materials among which this website.

In addition, Stefan is responsible for IGRAC's visibility at conferences and events such as the World Water Forum, World Water Week, World Water Congress and IAH Congress. 

Work Experience 

After gaining more work experience at Rabobank, Voetbalzone and INFOdation, Stefan returned to UNESCO-IHE, where he worked as Intern and Online Content Editor. In July 2014, he joined IGRAC as Communication Specialist.