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Products and Services

Products and Services


The IGRAC team
The IGRAC team

IGRAC facilitates and promotes international sharing of data and information on groundwater worldwide. A major product of IGRAC is the Global Groundwater Information System. The Global Groundwater Information System, or GGIS, is a map-based portal giving access to a wealth of data and information on groundwater worldwide. The GGIS contains data from IGRAC inventories and major projects IGRAC has contributed to. In addition to the core modules in the GGIS, IGRAC also provides the additional service to set up project specific viewers to facilitate sharing of data within the project and dissemination of final project results with stakeholders. 

Groundwater resources which are shared by different countries have our special interest and IGRAC has developed a lot of knowledge on the occurrence, assessment and governance of these transboundary resources. Since the first publication of transboundary aquifers in 2006, IGRAC has regularly been updating and publishing the map of Transboundary Aquifers of the World. This map is available for download and is also available in the GGIS. 

With IGRAC’s longstanding experience in (transboundary) groundwater related projects and activities, IGRAC is an ideal partner to assist in research, assessment, policy advice, advocacy, training or other work related to these resources. Being a non-governmental organisation working under auspices of UNESCO and WMO is a clear benefit in projects involving multiple countries. IGRAC is well equipped to combine science with policy relevant outcomes and can provide technical tools to support monitoring, assessment and data sharing.

In the download section you find IGRAC brochures and flyers which give more detailed insight into IGRAC’s activities, as well as maps produced by IGRAC and reports and papers IGRAC has authored or contributed to. This includes reports on thematic assessments and guidelines on groundwater monitoring and assessment. 

Information Management Systems

IGRAC has developed several Information Management Systems (IMS) to store, analyse and visualise groundwater data coming from groundwater-related projects. These project IMS' are part of IGRAC's GGIS and the modular set-up of this GGIS allows for an easy development of a dedicated IMS for new projects. A new IMS can be developed as a stand-alone application or, if preferred, further integrated with existing modules available in the GGIS. In the last years, the GGIS has demonstrated its capacity in several transboundary aquifer assessment projects. Please contact us for more information on potential cooperation. 

Serious Groundwater Game 

IGRAC developed a Serious Groundwater Game: Improving Groundwater Management Through Cooperation and Collective Action. The game can be played to gain a better understanding of the consequences of groundwater use for all stakeholders, including farmers and communities, and understand the range of instruments available to reach sustainable and equitable groundwater use.