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Where we work

Where we work



As UNESCO's International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre, IGRAC works on a global level. IGRAC has developed the Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS) and has taken the intitiative...
Mekong Delta by LisArt

South East Asia and the Pacific Islands

With 3.9 billion inhabitants, South East Asia and the Pacific is by far the most populated geographic region in the world. And the rapid growth and density of this population are, especially in India...
Aral Sea Ship Cemetery by Kvitlauk

Central Asia

Central Asia is a very interesting region in terms of groundwater, because its dependence on groundwater as a source of drinking water and irrigation has been increasing for years. One of the main...
Sossusvlei Namibia by Eric Bauer

Southern Africa

There is probably no other geographic region where IGRAC has been as active as it has been in Southern Africa. One of the main reasons behind IGRAC's focus on this region is the presence of many...
DSC_2342 by Michael Herrera

Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa, or the Horn of Africa, is one of the geographic regions where IGRAC has been most present in recent years. This region is frequently being exposed to extreme weather conditions, like ...
Congo around Lefoutou Makaga by Jbdodane

Central Africa

Central Africa is a very interesting region from a transboundary groundwaters perspective. Some major transboundary aquifers like the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System (NSAS), Lake Chad Basin aquifer,...
Auchi Niger River by Jbdodane

Western Africa

Currently, IGRAC is involved in the Groundwater Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa (GroFutures) project and one of the three case study areas is the Iullemeden-Irhazer Aquifer System, shared by Niger and...
Qanat of Khettaras Morocco by Jbdodane

Middle East and Northern Africa

Middle East and Northern Africa, the MENA region, is the region with the highest level of groundwater development stress in the world. In 2014, IGRAC published the 'Groundwater Development Stress map...
Before sunrise Salar de Uyuni by Bolivia

Latin America and the Caribbean

With three out of the twelve world's biggest transboundary aquifers situated in Latin America (Amazonas, Guaraní and Yrendá-Toba-Tarijeño), it is an interesting region in terms of groundwater...
Plitvice by Zolakoma


Groundwater is an important source of drinking water for European countries, with even 75% of EU inhabitants depending on groundwater for their water supply. However, despite this high dependency,...
Drought at Lake Mead by Chris Richards

North America

For North America, groundwater is an important source of drinking and irrigation water. In the United States, even 60% of all water used for irrigation purposes comes from groundwater resources.