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Developing a transboundary groundwater model in Central Asia

A case study of the Pretashkent Transboundary Aquifer
Region(s): Central Asia
Due to climate change and increased human impact, water use and protection have become one of the major regional issues in Central Asia.
Superstition Mountains Recharge Project - photo courtesy of CAP

With floods and droughts increasing, communities take a new look at storing water underground

Groundwater recharge is the latest wave in water security - though challenges remain.
Region(s): Worldwide
Actively moving water underground, a practice known as managed aquifer recharge (MAR), is increasingly popular today. There are about 1,200 managed aquifer recharge projects in 62 countries, according to the IGRAC based in Delft, the Netherlands. In addition to helping manage water over- and under-supplies, MAR can be used to restore depleted aquifers, rehabilitate ecosystems and cleanse polluted water. But there are challenges as well.
Solar pump India, by: CGIAR

Solar-powered groundwater pumping

The benefits and challenges
Region(s): Worldwide
Although the first solar pumps were introduced already in the late 1970’s, it took about 40 years before they became increasingly popular and used for groundwater pumping. What geared this sudden development and what are the main benefits and challenges of solar pumping? 
Data processing in Benin

Decreasing groundwater levels in hand-dug wells in Ouédo, southern Benin

The fate of shallow groundwater resources in a fast-growing suburban area
Region(s): Western Africa
In Ouédo, a fast-growing suburban town in southern Benin, residents are encountering declining shallow groundwater levels and attributing this drawdown to the development of a new wellfield in Ouédo which supplies Cotonou, the largest city and economic capital of Benin.
Group picture during conference

Southern Africa's future groundwater specialists

Interviews with young groundwater professionals from Southern Africa
Region(s): Southern Africa
In September 2018, the SADC Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) organised the first annual SADC Groundwater Conference. IGRAC's Researcher Arnaud Sterckx attended the conference and interviewed four young professionals about their background, challenges and ambitions.

MAR suitability mapping

A visual tool to raise awareness on the potential of MAR
Region(s): Europe
The potential of regional mapping of suitability to Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) using a standardized index was investigated during a 4-months internship project by Fanny Dupont. Continuing the work of INOWAS (TU Dresden), the potential of the MAR Site Selection Standardization Index (MARSSSI) to map the suitability to spreading methods was investigated with a new case study.

MAR as solution for increasing water demands

Five actions to increase global acceptance of Managed Aquifer Recharge
Region(s): Worldwide
Groundwater is an increasingly important resource for human development, including domestic water supply, irrigated agriculture and industry. In addition, groundwater has an important environmental role in sustaining rivers’ baseflow, ecosystems and associated ecosystem services. Groundwater is of strategic importance to achieve global water and food security under a changing climate.