IAH Congress 2024

Davos. Switzerland
Event Date

After Wuhan and Cape Town, this year's edition of the annual International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) congress will take place in Davos, Switzerland. During this IAH Congress 2024, held between 8 and 13 September, IGRAC will be have several presentations and will co-host three sessions.

2024 theme: Interacting groundwater

In a rapidly changing world, groundwater is a crucial resource that is under increasing pressure. To anticipate future trends, we need to improve our understanding of how groundwater interacts with rivers, lakes, ecosystems and the cryosphere, and how it responds to extreme events, building on rapid methodological advances. Sustainable groundwater management strategies must take into account the many interactions within the water-food-energy-ecosystems nexus and can only be developed in close cooperation between countries, stakeholders and the society as a whole. 

The Congress will aims to facilitate interactions beyond the scientific community, involving members from industry, public administration, as well as international organizations and development agencies, to share knowledge and discuss these challenges.