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WMO data conference: Earth system data exchange in the 21st century
WMO data conference (16-19 November 2020)

From 16 to 19 November 2020, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will host a virtual Data Conference. The main theme of this conference will be 'Earth system data exchange in the 21st century' and aims to develop a common understanding among entities from all sectors of society of the roles, requirements and arrangements for international exchange of observations and other data for monitoring and prediction of the Earth System environment, including weather, climate and water.

IGRAC contribution

During this conference, IGRAC will give two presentations. The first one will be on the Global gravity-based groundwater product (G3P) project. This EU-funded project aims at providing monthly groundwater storage variations from 2002 until present by a cross-cutting combination of GRACE and GRACE-FO satellite gravity data with water storage data that are based on the existing portfolio of the Copernicus (European Union’s Earth Observation Programme) services. The final goal is to develop a prototype extension of the Copernicus portfolio of an operational global groundwater service, the first of its kind.

National Groundwater Monitoring Programmes
National Groundwater Monitoring Programmes

The second presentation will introduce IGRAC's soon to be published: Overview of national groundwater monitoring programmes worldwide. This overview will contain standardised information on national programmes such as purpose of the monitoring, organisations involved, measured variables, frequency, density, observation methods, processing, accessibility, links and contacts. It will also show that many countries have improved the processing, sometimes introducing innovative approaches, certainly worth of sharing globally and replicating where appropriate.