Assessing groundwater for improved water management in Cotonou, Benin

Men in a canoe
NOEVA Project in Cotonou, Benin

Currently, the NOEVA project that aimed at assessing the groundwater resources of the Greater-Cotonou area (Benin) is in its final stage. This project, supported by VIA Water and conducted by INE-UAC and IRD, consisted of a hydrogeochemical study and the innovative coupling of two geophysical methods. IGRAC has been involved in a consulting role and has offered assistance in communicating and disseminating the results of the projects. 


NOEVA video

In order to create more awareness about the current and future groundwater-related challenges, as well as to communicate the valuable work of these three young Beninese researchers, IGRAC has made the video below about the NOEVA project. In this video, Valerie, Fabrice and Christian explain not only the current situation in Benin and the project objectives, but also their innovative approach and preliminary results.