Open access book on groundwater governance


One year after publication, the book 'Advances in Groundwater Governance' with IGRAC contribution has been made open source. This book provides water industry professionals, decision-makers and local stakeholders with a suite of solutions for a heuristic approach to managing this extremely important resource. It is now available for download. 

Advances in Groundwater Governance

This book captures the complex dimensions of groundwater governance, and is written by a team of leading experts worldwide with diverging backgrounds. It provides crucial and topical information for enhancing and safeguarding the huge benefits accruing from groundwater to humanity, and for preventing degradation of groundwater resources and of the interconnected ecosystems and environment. It also focuses on the increasingly important linkages between groundwater and other resources and sectors, and between local groundwater systems and phenomena or action at the international or even global level; a number of case studies illustrate groundwater governance in practice.

IGRAC contribution

On IGRAC's behalf, PhD Researcher Kirstin I. Conti contributed to this book as co-author. Other editors were Karen G. Villholth (IWMI), Elena López-Gunn (ICATALIST and University of Leeds), Alberto Garrido (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and Water Observatory of the Botín Foundation), and Jac van der Gun (Van der Gun Hydro-Consulting).

Moreover, together with CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems and Botín Foundation, IGRAC was involved as sponsor of this book.